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Conveyorware Business Distribution Software was founded in 1974, and has since flourished into the premier business management software for hundreds of companies. Conveyorware was built as a warehouse management system in order to run CEO, Fred Ferber's, warehousing company - Ferber Midwest. After having extreme success and receiving encouraging feedback from the Ferber Warehousing clients Mr. Ferber decided to perfect the software's functionality and license it independently.

Mr. Ferber implemented this newfound business management software into the hundred million dollar company House of Imports where this major client attracted attention from clients across the country. Conveyorware was then adopted by Homedics Inc., Sacs of Life, and many others and is now the foundation of many innovative companies. 

Conveyorware has distributed more than 3,000  different products to 25,000 North American retailers for more than 20 years. Conveyorware now serves as the backbone of Ferber Warehousing and Fulfillment, which handles inventories for more than 1,100 diverse companies. Ferber clients benefit from having access to Conveyorware software. 


Service our Clients are Proud to Have.

Sacs of life

worldwide business with Kathy Ireland

The Conveyorware interview.

Conveyorware strives to be the premiere software solution. While on the Kathy Ireland Show CEO, Fred Ferber, explains what separates Conveyorware's technology -

"It creates tremendous savings for clients because usually what they do is work all day and then all evening they type and prepare spreadsheets for the next day. Because our software goes all the way to the end these people are so appreciative - they suddenly learn that they have got time to grow their business."

The ferber equation

Fred Ferber
CEO, Fred Ferber

Meet the president

Years of excellence.

Each century has it's "Captains of Industry", and over the years it has become evident that CEO, Fred Ferber, is a part of that elite company. His level of brilliance and accomplishment has transitioned across many decades and generations. 


Driving successful enterprises since 1962, Fred Ferber has been successfully creating innovative, cutting-edge products. From design to manufacturing and distribution, numerous products have been developed for home and business. Innovative electronic products are the cornerstone upon which Fred Ferber built a thriving, lucrative business. A partial list includes:

  • Ricochet™ - First-generation electronic games innovation

  • Surveyor™ - Premier CB radio line

  • Interact™ - Early home computing system

  • Rapid Printer™ - Electronic printing calculator

  • MIKE™ Microelectronic Systems - Digital products from scientific calculators to digital watches

  • Micro Dialer™ - Business phone system with memory dialing and built-in calculator

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Through warehousing and distribution of such products, Fred Ferber has develop knowledge of both B2B and B2C sales channels. Between his own products, and the warehousing and fulfillment he provided for thousands of other companies, Fred has streamlined the entire ecosystem of inventory, fulfillment, every aspect of warehousing and management. All the systems a business needs have been tied together along with a powerful, integrated accounting system.

Conveyorware, the child of his labor, connects and processes in all ways a software system can “touch” a business. It re-defines the concept of “All-In-One”, and actually is. Mr. Ferber combined his vast business knowledge from his previous companies and used this experience to create a solution to fit everyone. Some of his prior companies are:

  • House of Imports Corporation – 25,000 Retailers and Distributors with 3,000 different products (House of Imports & NL industries were sold to Cable Value Network of Minnesota.)

  • HoMedics, Inc. – At $300M annual sales of home health care and personal products, the company was turned over to his children.

  • Ferber Midwest, Inc. – Warehousing & Distribution is Ferber’s current business which runs on Conveyorware technology. This business was the original user of Conveyorware before Conveyorware was sold publicly.

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