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Conveyorware Wheel of Features

Conveyorware Business Distribution Software is comprised of three pricing packages. These packages unlock different features of the Conveyorware wheel - depending on the size and type of your business you may prefer certain features of Conveyorware. After choosing a package you are not locked into it indefinitely - if you prefer to add features, or discover you have unnecessary additions - we will be able to instantly convert your package to the one most suited to your needs.

Catering to businesses of all sizes -

Start-Ups • Small • Medium • Large

Start-up and Small Businesses
Medium Businesses
Large Businesses and Enterprises


& small


& large



Start-Up & Small is appropriate for Point of Sale (P.O.S.) companies selling products to consumers or businesses via a store-front or mobile business requiring a cash drawer. This package is perfect for start-up businesses as well as established retailers and wholesalers requiring inventory management, cash disbursements and total financial system integration.  All accounting information flows seamlessly into a financial system which provides reports designed to present to your accountant, a great time and money savings benefit for everyone.

In addition to all the benefits of our Start-Up and Small package-


Clients using the Medium Business option are managing inventory, multiple sales methods and locations, accounts payable (AP), order processing, shipping and billing (accounts receivable.) The Medium Business package also contains six commission options. It is ideal for any size business selling products through a single sales channel or multiple sales channels. (Brick and mortar, Internet/e-Commerce and warehouse management companies, 3PL fulfillment and distribution centers) Order details integrate from web orders directly to the Conveyorware order file via our API.

This package includes all the benefits of the Small and Medium options-


 Has been recognized to be one of the most valuable software tools for midsize and large companies who require a full featured locator based Warehouse Management System.  Enterprise and Large users benefit from a full returns warranty management tracking system, a purchasing management system, complete physical and cycle count inventory management systems and can also choose average or standard costing methods.  Any company in any industry selling or warehousing product lines will want to take advantage of the comprehensive features and business intelligence that our most complete package provides.

Feature comparison

See how our packages differ and find what works for you.

Small Business
Medium Business Package
Large Business Package

Application Program Interface 

Conveyorware Pricing Chart
Start-up & small
enterprise & large
medium business

Your Own Secure Environment (Holds up to 898 companies) 

Application Program Interface (API, Map your own data transfers)

Five Logins (1 admin, 4 users) 

Two Companies (1 active 1 training) 

Twenty Free House of Training (20 hrs.) 

Point of Sale

Barcode Inventory Management

Accounts Payable

General Ledger


Sales History Reporting

Customer Management

Order Processing & Fulfillment

Billing / Invoicing

Accounts Receivable

Parcel & Freight Shipping

Sales Territories & Commissions

Credit Memo Processing


Warranty Returns Management

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Advanced Inventory Control


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Start-up & small
Plus one-time  sign-up fee
Medium business
Plus one-time sign-up fee
enterprise & large


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